Delhiwood organizational method allows Production/Creative managers to break down the entire operation of a department into several phases Dividing operational functions into Production and Creative sections, it allows management to obtain a clear picture of what the goals of a department are and how to implement the goals most effectively. It also allows managers to respond rapidly to factors that affect the internal or external expectations of company.

The process of the organizational is in the planning phase, the Director sets all creative goals for his department and defines the actions that must transpire to reach those Creative goals. This phase involve plans from Scripting to the Execution Level including the revenue and expense of the management, inventory control, labor and regular daily tasks for the Production department. Production Managers use the plans created in this process as a foundation for all other film Production aspects of the organizational management.

DELHIWOOD Studios Pvt. Ltd. has its own in-house production team and equipments. This department has been taken care by professionals.

For the wide range of news, views, and current affairs programs are going to be shot here, Delhiwood will continue to attract a host of politicians, bureaucrats, and celebrities from practically every walk of life, making it one of the most preferred centers of VIP visits. Foreign delegations and filmmakers from abroad will draw to the Delhiwood for their interest in studying its success story and for exploring the possibilities of collaborative joint ventures and culture exchange programs with the like-minded Indian media houses.

Delhiwood will have following departments:
• Department of Direction & Screenplay Writing
• Department of Sound Recording
• Department of Editing
• Department of Motion Picture Photography
• Department of Producing for Film & Television
• Department of Animation Cinema

• Film & TV Studio
• Library
• Main Theatre (380 seats), a Preview Theatre (90 seats) as well as an Open Air Theater with capacity of over 700 with 35mm, 16mm and Video projection facilities. (all proposed)
• Classroom Theatre equipped with home theatre and other modern amenities.
• The Institute will have a film library which houses collections of Indian and foreign films.
• The Boys' & Girls' Hostels will be equipped with all modern amenities.