Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are conspicuous of the notion that a pen is mightier than a sword and a film medium can become mightier than a war tank "if that special pen and a film maker associate" a time tested phenomenon potential enough to "transform people to minds", educating whilst entertaining them.

Creating such effective films that its outcome shall embrace all the countrymen; creating a revolution, from "I" to "We".
To establish this concept "CIVIL SOCIETY" from the books to the minds of our populace, every home, schools-colleges, consumers, employees and shareholders including the corporate houses should all come under one roof, only then a society of civilians will be formed to ascertain the most required.

As creative writers we see our role as a bridge to bring about the social issues of our populace to the corporate houses for the populace, creating the sense of responsibility, expressing gratitude, thus giving birth to a mind-set possessing "SUSTAINABILITY".

Thus the whole effort is to go beyond filmmaking through the process of making films, we wish to present holistic thoughts, very dramatically, emotionally and entertainingly.